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I started life in a fascinating international community in Yokohama, Japan, and am in touch with many friends from my Kindergarten and grade school years. I started my work life in retail managing a jewelry department. Retail taught me how to deal with people, and how quickly people come to snap decisions in life. Too bad I didn’t think about writing a book like “Blink” at that time! I went for my MBA at the Darden Graduate School of Business in Charlottesville, VA, what a beautiful place! It was a rigorous program. Fortunately I didn’t know this until after I enrolled else I would never have met Rodgers, my husband of 30+ years, who has evolved into a fine oil painter http://gnaylorstudio.com. After my MBA, I took a job in sales just before the initial break-up of AT&T with what is now Verizon. In the good ‘ole days, we got extensive sales and product training, which has stood me well in technology. After a few years of selling, I started Bell Atlantic’s (Verizon) competitive intelligence initiative for large business. For the uninitiated, competitive intelligence includes all the factors that impact a company’s ability to compete: suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors, and potential competitors. Macro factors that influence the competitive environment include economic, socio-cultural, political, legal and technological environment facing an organization. Competitive intelligence focuses on turning this external information into the intelligence required for strategic and tactical decision-making. I started The Business Intelligence Source in 1993 http://ellennaylor.com. Our research has consistently helped companies beat the competition and make smarter strategic decisions. Competitive intelligence research is used to find solutions in Win Loss analysis, market opportunity analysis, and customer insight. Our competitive intelligence findings have helped our clients make millions of dollars in additional revenue and saved them millions, which had been earmarked for bad investments. In 2005, I developed a unique approach called cooperative intelligence, which integrates generous leadership, connection and communication. You give freely without the expectation of something back. It's amazing how responsive people are when you just give. In 2016, my book, "Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want," was published. http://amzn.to/297Mrxl Follow my 12 steps and take the guess work out of learning why your customers decide to do business with you or not. You will uncover customer insight and competitive intelligence that you won’t find out any other way. Reasons that will help you improve your win rates and customer retention. Research shows that taking action from a formal Win Loss program can improve business win rates between 15 to 30 percent.

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